This unit is responsible to the Academic Affairs Officer in matter relating to Examinations.

Duties and Responsibilities:-

  • The administration and conduct of all University Examinations.
  • Up-dating regulations and procedure on University Examinations.
  • The collection of examination results for the consideration and approval of Senate.
  • The custodian of all examination question papers and issuing them out to Chief Invigilators as stipulated before the commencement of such examinations.
  • The procurement and provision of examination materials for University Examinations.
  • The preparation of envelope bags for each examination and the issuance of examination admission cards to students.
  • The publication of Senate approved examination results.
  • Preparation of course and examination time-table in liaison with the representatives of Schools on the University Time-Table Committee.
  • Secretary to the University Time-Table Committee.
  • In attendance at Faculty Board of Examiners meetings.
  • Responsible to the Academic Affairs Officer for the safe-keeping of the master mark sheets for all examination results submitted by the various Faculties.
  • Responsible through the Academic Affairs Officer for the processing of cases of examination malpractices for the attention of appropriate Disciplinary Committees.
  • Other duties as directed by the Academic Affairs Officer and/or Registrar from time to time.


Records and Transcripts

Assists the Academic Affairs Officer in matters related student’s records and results.

Duties and Responsibilities:-

  • Issuance of course registration forms for old students in liaison with the Faculty Officers,
  • Handling University Scholarships,
  • Issuance of transcripts to students on request.
  • Writing of reference for students seeking employment or assistance outside the University.
  • Processing requests for change of course/faculty by old students,
  • Processing requests for carrying excess loads,
  • Processing requests for exemption from courses,
  • Issuance of addition/deletion forms.
  • Other duties as directed by the Academic Affairs Officer and/or Registrar from time to time.

Students Statistics and Records Unit

Students Statistics Officers assists the Academic Affairs Officer in handling and maintaining student records.

Duties and Responsibilities:-

  • Preparation of relevant students’ statistics.
  • Up-dating of students’ records.
  • Maintenance of files of all students,
  • Maintenance of graduate register.
  • Issuance of sessional examination results to all students and notification of same to their sponsors.
  • The issuance and safe-keeping of academic robes;
  • Generates Matriculation Numbers to the newly admitted students
  • Performing other duties as directed by the Academic Affairs Officer and/or Registrar from time to time.

System Programmer/Analyst

The System Analyst/Programmers are Responsible to the Head of the Unit.

Duties and Responsibilities:-

  • The evaluation/analysis of existing data/record systems, designing, programming and implementation of automated ones with a view to improve on effectiveness and efficiency of information management in the Academic Affairs Office.
  • Validation and Optimisation of all Data processing activities in the Division including:- Data format conversion; Graphical Design and Forms, performs templates such as Student registration forms,
  • Educate and trains all computer personnel/users in the Division

Maintenance Duties

  • Maintenance of computer hardware and peripherals
  • Maintenance of Central Database
  • Maintenance of Software and data Backups
  • Troubleshooting of computer devices/software in the division.

Any other duties given by the Academic Affairs Officer and/or the Registrar from time to time.


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