Office Brief


The Registry is headed by the Registrar who is the Chief Administrative Officer of the University and responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the day-to-day administrative work of the University except as regards matters for which the Bursar is responsible. By virtue of the office, he is the Secretary to the Council, the Senate, Congregation and Convocation and their Committees for which he may appoint officers to act on his behalf.

Though there may be slight variation in composition across universities, in FUOYE, the Registry is divided into five Departments/Divisions, namely:

Office of the Registrar – The Office of the Registrar coordinates the activities of the Directorates/Divisions of the Registry and handles all administrative matters in the University.

Academic Affairs Division – responsible for Senate Affairs and Committee of Deans, Admissions, Examinations, Records and Issuance of Transcripts

Personnel Affairs Division – responsible for appointments, promotions, training, welfare, discipline of all academic, administrative and technical, and junior staff in the University.

Council Affairs and General Administration – responsible for Council, Finance and General Purposes Committee, Tenders’ Board, Congregation and Convocation, Management Advisory Committee, Registration of University Contractors and Consultants, Coordination of the University Courier and postal services, issuance of staff identity cards and stickers, and general administration.

Faculty Administration – responsible for the day-to-day administration of the Faculties.