Staff Schedule of Duty

Staff Schedule of Duties

1.  Council Affairs Officer (Head of Division)

Responsible to the Registrar for:

  1. Capital Works Committee
  2. Minor Works Committee
  3. Vice-Chancellor’s Tenders Committee matters
  4. Coverage of meetings, writing of minutes and taking follow-up actions.
  • Secretary, Management Advisory Committee.
  • Member/Secretary to relevant Committee as may be appointed/directed.
  • Carrying out other duties as may be directed by the Registrar.

2.  Officer in Charge of General Administration

Assists the Council Affairs Officer in

  • Registration of University Contractors and consultants.
  • General Administration Matters
  • Co-ordination of University courier and postal services
  • Carrying out other duties as may be directed by the Council Affairs Officer/Registrar.

3.       Officer in Charge of Council Matters

  • Covering of the meetings of ad-hoc committees and producing their minutes
  • Follow-up actions on Committee decisions
  • Drafting of speeches for Registrar
  • Covering duties of general nature which are not specifically designated to other administrative officers.

Any other assignments by the Council Affairs Officer or Registrar.