Sub Units


The unit is sub-divided into five as follows:

  1. 1.Academic Staff Unit

This unit handles all academic staff matters in the University including professional librarians of the university.

  1. 2.Administrative and Technical Staff Unit

This is the unit responsible for matters relating to all senior and technical staff from grade level 6 – 15 in the University.

  1. 3.Junior Staff Unit

This unit attends to issues relating to junior staff in the University.

  1. 4.Staff Development and Training Unit

This unit conducts survey of training needs and formulation of organizational training policies. It prepares training plan in line with University policies. It identifies both local and international conferences, workshops, symposiums and study tours that can benefit members of staff.

  1. 5.Staff Statistics, Record and Pension Unit

The Unit updates and keeps staff records and statistics and prepare periodic reports on staff records and statistics. It also handles pension and gratuity matters and educate staff on Pension Act and other contemporary issues as it relates to Pension.

The co-ordination of the activities of the division is done by the Personnel Officer who is responsible to the Registrar and constantly liaises with the Registrar to ensure proper flow of work.