The office of FUOYE Registrar is held by Mr Daniel Abiodun Adeyemo, a seasoned administrator, and graduate of the prestigious University of Ibadan from which he bagged his first degree in Geography (1990). He has traversed Nigeria, and is also well-travelled abroad – garnering germane and revitalizing experiences both in the world of academia and management – as a multifaceted Teacher and erudite administrator. A man reputed for few words and achieving more positive results than his peers can boast of, Mr D. A. Adeyemo was seconded from Federal University of Technology Akure to Federal University Oye-Ekiti as the Acting Registrar in July 2011, following glowing recommendations.

His work experience is both diverse and rich – spanning decades, and in varied locales. He is widely travelled, and has a good number of sound and laudable works to his name.

 His pioneering work and unrelenting efforts to put FUOYE on the world map have put him in a class all by himself – high above his contemporaries.

 He remains humble, amiable and operates an open-door policy based on the mantra: “Make others’ burdens lighter not heavier” which has endeared him to all – staff, students and the University’s various publics.

 The Office of the Registrar coordinates the activities of the Directorates/Divisions of the Registry and handles all administrative matters in the University. The Registrar is the Chief Administrative Officer of the University and is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the day-to-day administrative work of the University.

As the Head of the University administration, the Registrar has overall responsibility, under the Vice-Chancellor, for the administration of all academic and non-academic matters in the University. He is also responsible for the harmonization of the work of the Faculty Officers within the context of the University, although the Faculty Officers are responsible to their respective Deans for the day-to-day administration of the affairs of the Faculties. He also has the primary responsibility for the determination of all personnel matters including the interpretation of the regulations governing conditions of service of staff. It is from these functions of the Registrar that other Administrative Officers in the University derived their schedule of duties.

Services from the Office of the Registrar support every currently registered student at FUOYE as well as all faculty and staff members who interact with those students.

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